Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

For some of these posts I’m going to tell you about things we’ve done in the past. Since it’s been so long I’m not going to give too many recommendations just because I know I have slept since then and who knows what has changed in between when I went and now. I do feel that these posts are as important as my more recent, in depth ones simply because it gives you an overall idea of what it’s like to go places. Also, I will still give a “go there?” at the end for you because I DO know if I want to go back or not.

For our first “it’s been a minute” post, I’m going to take you back to Summer 2017 when we went to Pigeon Forge with my mom.

Mellow Mushroom

Nevaeh and I went out to find dinner by ourselves one of the nights we stayed in Pigeon Forge. Managed to actually go into the Smokey Mountains where there were no lights on accident because we didn’t turn around in time!

We went to a local place but they were a bit too busy for us so we decided to go closer to our hotel and check out the Mellow Mushroom. The place was very eclectic and the pizza hit the spot. I believe mom even said it reminded her of the pizza we ate in Colorado, which was definitely a compliment.

Dixie Stampede

This was one of the highlights of the weekend, Bre especially appreciated this dinner because she has a deep love for animals. Naturally, then the horses made her happy.

I enjoyed the music before the main show and it was nice that we could video this portion of our evening. It was a nice blend- have our phone out and enjoy the moment- being able to share it with family and friends, then put the phone away and be basked away in time, appreciating a space without the phone as well.

And, thankfully enough, we were able to get pictures of Bre’s favorite rider, Allison, afterward.

Coffee and Shops

You didn’t think this would be a travel post without me adding something about a coffee shop did you? Of course not!

While I don’t remember what we ordered, aside from the fact that it was espresso based, I do remember it had a wonderful atmosphere. I will tell you from experience that atmosphere is enough to bring me back and when we stumble our way back to Pigeon Forge (either before the kids leave home or in 2025) I will be coming back to Espresso Yourself.

The shops we went to were fun. Espresso Yourself was close to Old Mill Square, where we bought candy and looked at other fun stores, such as the Crazy Cat House.

We also went to a Christmas Village, which was probably Nevaeh’s favorite thing on the trip. She loves Christmas time. I did manage to purchase a Christmas present while we were there and the girls got to see Santa- who must have been visiting on his vacation time as well!


Dollywood was one of the last things we did on this trip but it was so much fun. It was probably the only time we will ever get Bre on a big roller coaster because they are just not her thing. I’ll give the girl credit though, she hangs out and waits in all the lines with us, no complaints at all. She’s a trooper.

Nevaeh’s two favorite rides were the Mystery Mine and the Soaring Eagle. I have to admit, I did like the first one but the Soaring Eagle freaked me out a bit. I really liked the Blazing Fury because it was a quiet coaster for the most part and then BAM! If you are not in the front you don’t see the drops coming. It made my stomach sink.

Pigeon Forge- Yes, No, Maybe So

I would say if you like touristy things then put down what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go. I can’t say anything yet on if you like to do more local things because this is what we did in the short time we were there.

Seriously though, every hotel has a water park it seems and you will not lack in things to do while enjoying the Smokey Mountains. Want my girls opinions on the trip? This was two years ago and just last month they asked if we could go again.

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