Here We Are

I honestly feel I am a bit all over the place here lately but, you know what? I’m okay with that.

I keep hearing over and over again to have a niche but that’s not me. To start, I watched way too much of “The Real World” as a young teen (Seasons 7-12 religiously). I also believe that I have a lot to share- so I just do what feels good.

Recently I came across a book called #FutureBoard and I bought it because I loved the look of it. I like shiny things. Haha. The front cover had a vision board on it, something I had recently done online. I thought, “Heck, if she has a proven method, why not?” I seriously don’t think I even read the back- I just jumped in feet first and am loving every minute.

I am naturally a dreamer and a wannabe hustler. I say wannabe but, honestly, I have done some hustling and manifesting in my life that I can now recognize.

A few months before my husband moved in with me (another story for another time) I started visualizing a little girl with brown hair sitting in a car seat in the middle of the backseat of my car. Oddly- she looked just like Nevaeh did as a baby!

My manifested baby

Brandon and I had already had her name picked out for about nine months by then and it was another six more months before I got pregnant but she was ALWAYS in my heart. Much in the same way, I started aching for her to have a sibling and less than a month later (no joke!) I found I was pregnant with Breanna.

I also can tell you where I was when I decided to become a home-ec (FCS) teacher. It took another six and a half years before I completed my degree and got my first teaching jobs.

I could go on and on and on but, alas, you’ll probably get bored. Heck, I might too.

This is what I came to say though- this is my space, this is my daughters’ space. We’re going to write about, video, and do what we want. I want to share my homework from the book with you over the next few weeks… and write more and more on here so you can join us on our journey!

Come on friend <3

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