Halloween Costumes Through the Years

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being pretty innovative when it comes to our Halloween costumes. We buy from somewhere cheap or make it ourselves. Not many over the years were bought full priced or from a retail store.

I keep saying I am going to do this post and, by all means, if you have any questions- don’t hesitate to ask. I’m doing this to inspire you and to help keep these precious memories. So, without further ado, here’s our list:

2005: Veah was a Turtle

Picture still to come (we do still have it… somewhere)

2006: Veah was a bat, Bre was a bun- in the oven that is.

This one was bought at K-mart I believe. Brandon and I loved the wings went over her arms and really fanned out with her movements. The funny thing is she HATED the hat portion and I had to get sneaky. She refused to wear it and would always pull it off so while we were waiting at the library for her daddy to get there, I put it on her head since she was asleep. She woke up, fussed and tried to get it off without success; therefore, she sucked it up and had a great time anyways!

2007- Veah was something gathered up from the dollar store (I did not pick her costume), Bre was a cat.

No picture, it’s somewhere at my mom’s house on a disk or drive. I loved, loved, LOVED this costume of Bre’s. We bought it at Children’s Place the day of Halloween. Everything was marked 75% off so she had the whole kit and caboodle- tights, onside, ears, tail. She looked adorable!

2008- Veah was a dalmatian, Bre was a fairy

Veah’s costume came from my work. At the time I was a dance teacher. They had a whole slew of extra costumes in the back. Bre’s costume came from the dollar store. She carried around a tooth brush so we called her the tooth fairy.

2009- Veah was a cat, Bre was multiple things

We went to several events that year and Bre had dress up costumes so she just shot the breeze with her costumes. Should have known then she would still be like that to this day!

2010- Veah was Rosetta from Tinkerbell and Bre was Jesse from Toy Story

We found Bre’s shirt at Goodwill and everything else she already had. I handmade Veah’s dress and we borrowed the wings from Bre’s costume two years prior.

2011- Veah was an Alien from Toy Story, Bre was a Witch

In our box of special things I have kept for them, I have that badge Veah is wearing. She won “funniest costume” at the library’s Halloween party.

Both costumes were bought at a flea market we frequented in Evansville, Indiana. It was a pretty cool place but that’s a post for another day possibly.

2012- Veah was Periwinkle, Bre was Tinkerbell

Veah’s costume was bought at K-mart but was not tagged as Periwinkle but just as a fairy costume, Bre’s costume came from Goodwill.

2013- Veah was Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl, Bre was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

This is by far one of my favorite costumes we ever did. I made both of them. Veah’s was a shirt with the cutie mark embroidered on it. The tights and shoes we got for a steak of a deal- $1.50 for the set! Got them at a big yard sale.

2014- Unknown by any of us 😛

2015- Veah was a Wolf from GWL, Bre was a Rock Star

We had a much more elaborate plan this year but it didn’t work out because we went shopping for it the night before. This is one of those times when the “doing it cheap” didn’t work out for us. We should have planned better! Either way, we made it work with clothes they already had and we still had a good time at the church events we attended.

2016- Veah was Linkette and Bre was Princess Peach

Again, made both of these costumes because… I rock. Also, I learned from my mistake the year before. Hahaha.

2017- Veah was a Jedi, Bre was a Cat

I give all the credit for this costume to my husband… well, almost all of it. He made the burlap into the costume and we purchased a fifty cent brown cloak from Goodwill. Bre’s costume was a skirt I owned, a black shirt she owned, and a new pair of leggings that were super cute and she still wears them today.

2018- Veah was Varian from Tangled and Bre was Sally Stitches from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Bought Veah’s costume, minus the apron, from Goodwill. Her apron, we bought the fabric for and I hand made. Bre’s costume was also bought at Goodwill on a separate occasion.

Well, there you have it friends. The costumes through the years. What were your favorites?

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