Dear New York City

I have been to New York City twice and yet I feel like I haven’t ever been there. Twice is not enough.

I say twice but in saying that you should understand that the first trip, though very special in my heart, was only about three hours long.

The second was three days but I was going to an event and spent time learning while I was there as well.

The First Trip

The first trip, as I said, is very dear to my heart.

At the time we were living in Dover, Delaware. Brandon decided to take the night off and take his little family to dinner in Philadelphia. This was the first time I peeked through the windows at the inside of Reading Terminal Market and decided that I must come back.

It’s still on my list.

Anyways, so we ate in Chinatown that night and it was amazing. First time I had ever tried Chinese dumplings. As we were headed back to the 1991 Honda Civic we had recently purchased he said, “I’ll take you to the other Chinatown if you can stay awake”. Um, that’s a no brainer!

We came in through the Lincoln Tunnel and, of course, I was a giddy little girl the entire time. The main things we hit up was trying to see the Statue of Liberty, driving past the construction to One World Trade, getting lost, passing NYU, then finally getting help from the cop that pulled us over, we got to Time Square (the only part of the trip that 4-year-old Nevaeh remembers).

My Letter

Okay, I got off on a tangent but why wouldn’t I? We are talking about NYC here. So this is my letter

Dear New York City,

I love you and I want to come back. I will be back. SOON.

The end

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