Central Market: The Best Grocery Store in Texas

Before moving to Texas, I had long been a fan of Whole Foods Market. The high-end chain had a warm, inviting feeling for the foodie in me.

And then I entered Central Market.

This bad boy boosts every fruit and vegetable under the sun. Even better? It’s no different with their meat selection, bread selection, aisles, or…. anything else really. I’m honestly surprised they can fit it all under one roof!

It’s basically a foodie heaven.

Many of the big names in food around the Dallas-Fort Worth area get there start at Central Market. They are so knowledgeable.

While we were filming for our channel, Nevaeh was talking to me about making blackberry lemonade jam for the fair this year. One of the employees asked us what we were looking for after I said, “I doubt they have that here”. Instead of saying they didn’t, he explained to her how to make it!

They also have some of the best food- I will even buy boxed foods here! Want to see what a haul looks like for me? Find that here!

There’s More!

They have a pre-cooked area that is pretty awesome. Don’t believe me? I had a student offer me his ribs meal after eating so much he was about to get sick.

There is a coffee bar, ice cream shop, hot food, cold food, sandwiches, a drink fountain, and even sushi rolled on site.

Got kids who are antsy when you go grocery shopping? Offer them fruit when you walk in (for ten cents), get the shopping done, then get them some ice cream and go play on the playground- available at the Fort Worth location.


  • Tiffany: Solid 10/10. It’s fun. Like going to an amusement park for foodies.
  • Nevaeh: 8.5-9/10. She likes that they have a wide variety of foods.
  • Breanna: 9-9.5/10. There is so much to go through and not enough time.

Basically- we love it!

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