Brewed Ltd.

Brewed Ltd. recently opened in Dallas and the name says it all. The location has a limited menu compared to their Fort Worth store, though it is important to note that what they do have is still top notch.

My mother and I went there during her last few hours in Dallas. Here’s what we got:

The Menu

Candy Bar Latte

My mom got the candy bar latte which is good for people who like their coffee on the lighter/sweeter side. We learned over her trip that we have very different tastes in coffee.

Her latte had caramel and vanilla syrups. Did you know that all of Brewed’s syrups are made in house? They also use Mill King milk, so if you are a local food kind of person, this is the place to be!

I got the mocha which was a bit more stout but much more to my taste buds. At first it had too much of a chocolate taste but eventually it died down.

Gluten Free Banana Muffin

We opted to split a gluten free banana muffin. It was very good, still a bit dense but I’m learning that is to be expected with gluten free. The lightly sweet flavor was spot on though. Add in a few walnuts and I would have been a happy camper!

The Restaurant’s Ambiance

The feel was not my preference. I like that college-kid studying hard kind of shop; however, it was perfect for the location.

This coffee shop turned night time wine bar is located inside the Novel Bishop Arts Apartments. These apartments opened less than a year ago and have great reviews. The location has beautiful views of downtown, a pet spa, and gourmet kitchens. Add in a coffee shop to boot and who wouldn’t want to live here?

That being said, the coffee shop location is an extension of the apartments and I do love their doors to close off for the night. It’s a wall!

Final Verdict:

Would I recommend Brewed Ltd? Yes! I’d give it a 4/5. The baristas were really nice and it had a nice ambiance. Very quiet. You could easily work here. It’s especially nice if you want to sit in luxurious surroundings and soak up that feeling… let’s be honest, don’t we all?

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