About Us

Hi! We are Taylor Girl Fashion- a lifestyle site written by a mother and her daughters. We write about life- the food we love, the travels we take, and the daily adventure of life as a family with teenagers running around. Here’s a little about us and our vision:

Our Name:

We are actually not a fashion site. Our name came from a thought I had one morning. I was doing dishes, thinking about a nine hour trip we might have to make to my in-laws. Normally the drive is not bad but this one was planned to be done on Friday night with a return trip on Sunday. Not fun. In my head I had figured out that the girls and I would stop at a fun restaurant on the way there in order to make it more enjoyable.

This is true Taylor girl fashion- we find ways to make the un-enjoyable a little bit better. I hope that through our experiences you can find a way to do the same.

Now, who are we?

Tiffany- the Momma Bear

I call myself momma bear because I am this way with all of my children. After having Nevaeh I told people I wanted eight kids because I absolutely love being a mother.

Although more than two biological kids were not in the cards, I was called to become a high school teacher in the middle of the night when our youngest was two and I’ve never looked back- many of the teens who walk through my room walk right into my heart and are as much “mine” as my own children are.

From the age of eight on I knew I wanted to be a writer and I hold a bachelor’s degree in communications from Colorado State University. I plan to start a master’s degree program in the next two years in liberal arts with an emphasis in Food Writing.

The goal with this degree is to become a professor by 2025 so I can travel with my husband. Most people are sad when their babies move out but we are proud of our girls and know they are going to be wonderful human beings who are successful on their own. Likewise, we will transition into the empty nest stage with happy hearts.

I look forward to sharing with you all the day-to-day and the extraordinary aspects of our life as a family!

Nevaeh: My Unique One

Nevaeh is heaven spelled backward and from the day she was born, she has lived up to the name. At thirteen years old, she works hard at everything she does.

She loves Animal Jam (check out her vlog and see for yourself), ice skating, and traveling with her family. If she could pick anywhere to go on a trip- I’m sure Disney would win out.

She is also very crafty- and makes all sorts of things from jackets to Mickey Ears. If you’re looking for crafty ideas and fun, she’s your girl!

Breanna: aka. Little Bit

Breanna is the youngest in the group but brings a lot to the table. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was young.

She is a dancer and just recently made the middle school cheerleading squad. She loves to watch Netflix and dreams of being a YouTube star.

Maybe this will make her YouTube famous, you never know. Either way, she will keep you entertained!