A picture of my husband and I shortly after our marriage

What started out as a summer fling before I left for college turned into the ride of a lifetime! My husband and I met in the early summer of 2003 and was married six short months later. That was almost seventeen years ago.

Since then we’ve brought along two sweet little girls who are turning quickly into adults themselves.

Our oldest daughter, the artist who skates and plays video games in her free time.

Nevaeh is our first born. Her dream is to become a professional character designer. She is neck-in-neck with her best friend for valedictorian of her class. In her free time (hahahahahahaha) she likes to play video games and go ice skating.

Breanna is little bit- our youngest. She has a tender heart and is very family oriented. She dreams of doing… just about everything. Her plan is to get her cosmetology license before she graduates then go to school in Tennessee for dance education. She also plans to live on a farm and own every animal imaginable!